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How To Clean A Ram Stick

  • Just like with any circuit board part, the ram at the base of your desktop computer or notebook computer’s RAM modules have to be clean and free from debris so as to keep a good link. If your RAM sticks are cluttered, your computer may not realize that they are installed and may occasionally display a blue display. Ordinarily, purge out the interior of your firm’s computers on a monthly basis (even if the environment is remarkably dusty) is enough to maintain RAM modules tidy, however when the need arises it is also possible to clean RAM Stick with rubbing alcohol.

    Desktop Computers

1. Shut down the computer and unplug its power cable.

2. Hold in the power button for a couple seconds to release any residual electricity.

3. Remove the side panel in the computer case. The panel might be held in place with a latch on peak of the situation or by a couple of thumb screws or Phillips screws in the back.

4. Lay the computer on its side onto a table or desk with an opening facing upwards and ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface in the instance. In case you’ve got an anti-static wrist strap, attach the strap to your right wrist (or left, if you are left handed), then connect the alligator clip in the opposite end into the pc case.

5. Press down the holding clips on each side of this RAM bay holding the rod that you would like to wash. The RAM bays can be found close to the chip and you will have between two to eight of these, based upon your PC. When the holding clips have been published, the RAM should eject.

6. Ignore any loose dust or debris out of the RAM with canned air. Hold the module by its edges (lengthwise).

7. Clean the contacts with a cotton swab slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol. You might even use a soft fabric that doesn’t render fibers behind, including a lens cleaning cloth.

8. Place the RAM module apart and let it dry thoroughly. Repeat Steps 5 -7 for any extra sticks you would love to wash.

9. Blow out the vacant RAM bay with canned air. While you’re at it, you may also wish to dust the whole situation out in precisely the exact same moment.

10. Replace the RAM sticks into their bays after you are convinced they are tender. Be sure to line up the notches properly. Employ firm and also downward pressure to each side of the module until it snaps into position.

11. Remove the wrist strap if appropriate, replace the side panel, then plug in the power cable back in and power on the pc.

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Laptop Computers


1. Power down your notebook, remove the power cable and also take the battery out. Normally, the battery is held in place with a sliding knob in the base of the situation.

2. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal item. In case you choose to utilize an anti-static wrist strap, attach the alligator clip to the unpainted metal surface and then attach the strap to the wrist to your dominant hand.

3. Press and hold the power button for a couple seconds to release residual electricity.

4. Lay the notebook upside-down onto a table or desk and find the RAM bay doorway. Generally the door is tagged as such, or it might have a RAM stick icon published onto it.

5. Remove the Phillips screw(s) holding the door in position and remove the door.

6. Use two hands to push out both latches holding the RAM rod set up. The RAM must pop up at a 45-degree angle.

7. Carefully slip the RAM out of its slot in a 45-degree angle, so holding the module by its edges.

8. Wash out the module by means of a cotton swab or soft cloth slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol and put it aside to dry thoroughly.

9. Repeat Steps 6-8 in case you want to wash out the second module, which is typically located directly beneath the first.

10. Replace the RAM rod after it is dry by integrating it into its own slot in a 45-degree angle and then shoving it down until it snaps into position. Be sure to fill out the bay on the floor prior to the one on the top.

11. Alter the RAM cap and its own screw(s), and eliminate the anti-static strap in the event that you used one.

12. Reinstall the battery and power the notebook back on.

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