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Physical Memory Dump and What To Do About It

Physical memory dump isn’t a fantastic thing to have happen. Whenever that comes up it really suggests that whatever documents and apps which are running in the time of the ditch are placed on a kind of hidden document to be examined at a later date.

Physical Memory Dump Symptoms

This error is usually connected with the Blue Screen of Death and will consequently be called it’s a stop error. To put it differently, your personal computer will stop abruptly, which really means it’s crashing so to speak. After this happens you’ll see an error message alerting you to the truth that the physical memory dump is happening.

Physical Memory Dump Causes

There are a vast selection of variables that may all be credited to a physical memory dump. Overclocking, dust develop, underpowered PC, and overheating can all cause this, however they’re not the most typical cause. The most usual trigger is a registry which is becoming littered with files that are corrupted.

Fixing a Physical Memory Dump

Again, the ditch is truly so information could be examined afterwards, however you can tackle what may be causing the issue and keep it from occurring again. You should check some regular things:

Make sure your electricity supply is sufficient.

Assess your PC for overheating problems.

Clean your PC as best you can to get up to debris and dust away as you can.


If regular maintenance does not fix the issues you can try resetting your webpage document:


Right Click My Computer.

Select Properties, then the Advanced Tab.

Under Performance, click Settings.

Click on the Advanced Tab.

Click on the Change Button.

Click on the Custom Size button and then click on at the Initial Size box.

Create the dimensions of the webpage file 0.

Click in the Maximum Size box.

Create the dimensions of the webpage file 0.


10. Click on set.

11. Restart your computer and run a defrag.

12. When the defrag is completed, return to the webpage settings over and click on the Change Button.

13. For the First and Maximum page document size also make it 1.5 times the total amount of ram your computer has.

14. Click on the Set Button again.

15. Reboot your pc.

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